Total Support on Additive Manufacturing

 by Rein van der Mast

Additive manufacturing (AM, also known as 3D Printing) is a new approach to manufacturing that emerged at the end of the last century. Expert Rein van der Mast knows all its pros and cons and helps others deal with them in a profitable way.

Rein van der MastAlthough decades have passed and it has been improved ever since, the number of applications is still small. There are several reasons for this, like:

  • Most of AM is still unknown to many because too many lack knowledge and experience, and education;
  • If AM is brought into a traditional production chain, not fully integrated, it ends in disappointment;
  • In case a traditional design lacks any optimization for AM, most of AM's potential remains unused;
  • The same applies to the related business, in which AM scores on 'high mix, low volume', customization, on-demand production of spare parts, etc;
  • Most standards are based on conventional production methods, excluding AM by its nature.

Ir. Rein van der Mast (TU Delft) has been an AM expert since the mid '90s. He was the manager Design & Engineering of Additive Industries for a number of years, before becoming the research leader 3D Printing in Metals of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven (part-time), today located at the Brainport Industries Campus. However, some may know him for his 3D printed fountain pens, including his invention of the 3D printed fountain pen nib. He also supports young designers, including the internationally renowned fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht.

Today he is involved in several major research projects with other universities and (high-tech) companies, some of which are under his direction or initiated by him, including Castlab Proeftuin (related to spare parts for trains) and an upcoming collaboration between the universities Fontys (Eindhoven), Saxion (Enschede) and Windesheim (Zwolle) specifically related to AM.

In his current position, he is well aware of the latest developments and can identify new opportunities. So if you are considering AM, but unsure about its potential from a business perspective, Rein van der Mast is the expert to help you.

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  • Heat exchanger for Additive Industries designed by Rein van der Mast
  • Hydraulic part for automotive app by Fontys students supervised by Rein van der Mast
  • Door handle designed by Rein van der Mast
  • Mold core designed by Rein van der Mast

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