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Pjotr, titanium 3D printed pen

Since 1998

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Pjotr, highly exclusive fountain pens, digitally sculptured and 3D printed

On the home page of this website, for a long time there was a picture of a 3D printed titanium dragon head. This head, 10 mm in length, is part of something else. SOLide is proud to presents the first digitally sculpted, 3D printed, highly exclusive thematic fountain pen in the world. Also the pen case is theme related and 3D printed.

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Starting this year SOLide offers precious, theme based writing tools , named Pjotr. Not Pjotr but his client is to define the theme. This most perfectly fits the ever growing popularity of customization: the consumer and the manufacturer who by mutual agreement define (one piece of) a product.

However, customization is not a new thing. For instance for many years already one can ‘design’ ‘his‘ sporting shoes through the websites of Adidas. One can not only select the model and size but also where what colors should be used. Pjotr provides more than that and creates, accompanied by his client, a unique representation of the theme of the client. Moreover, Pjotr allows his client to sell his pen via Pjotr's website, with a margin the client is to define and to collect for every copy sold.

Already Pjotr is added to the assortment of P.W. Akkerman, purveyor of the Royal Household in The Hague. Soon there will be publications in internationally read magazines for pen collectors, journals and in mailings and the websites of the companies involved: Materialise, LayerWise and Innplate.