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Customized products

3D Printing is gaining ground while the full potential is still expanding. Ir Rein van der Mast invites you to consider some of the new opportunities.

Customer Driven Design

Imagine you would gain from more variety in your assortment. If you move that way, probably you will sell less of every variant, while the effort to create so many variants will rise.

Many of today’s products, including consumer goods, are being transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition more designs are defined by their end-users. This is called ‘customization’. With the advent of fast computers and fast Internet batch sizes diminish.

Of interest is the need of your customer for products that are not standard, but tailor-made. Worth mentioning is that wherever he gets used to customization, he tends to reject any average solution meant to serve many people. 3D printing supports this approach as well as the combination of multiple functions in a single part and organic shapes to serve the most effective shape from a mechanical pont of view.

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

One important technique to manufacture small series is 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. The great advantage of it in this regard is the lack of product-specific tools, such as molds. The technique is young and already holds many varieties, for plastics, metals and (technical) ceramics.

To you 3d Printing or additive manufacturing may seem too costly. It often is. However, the lack of expensive product specific tools, the ability to have material only in places where its required for functional reasons (based on topology optimization), the opportunity to combine various technical functions in a single part - and by doing so having less parts to manufacture as well as to assemble - may result in a significant added value for every single user, enough to overcome the disadvantages.

Your interest has sparked?

Has this sparked your imagination and do you wonder whether 3D printing holds opportunities for you ?  Ask an expert in this field: Ir Rein van der Mast. He is always happy to help, responds to questions and helps businesses that consider to implement the new manufacturing technique in combination with other, most digital tools, in a profitable way. Not by eliminating the existing, but by regarding the new manufacturing method complementary to what is already available.

Rein van der Mast frequently organizes trainings in which he not only addresses the properties of 3D printing AKA additive manufacturing (AM), topology optimization and related software, but also provides a link to the products faced by the participants.

Design for (metal) AM

You already have found added value in additive manufacturing, however you lack capacity to tailor your designs on the characteristics of the new production process, then SOLide offers a Design for Additive Manufacturing Service, which is not only capable of transforming your designs into printable shapes, but if desired can join functions resulting is a smaller number of compact components.