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Pjotr, titanium 3D printed pen

Since 1998

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Rein van der Mast has joined the team of Additive Industries

Rein van der Mast is excited to announce that he has joined the team of Additive Industries. : 'Rein van der Mast, Manager Design & Engineering - Being one of the Dutch pioneers in 3D printing, Rein has been using additive manufacturing since 1996. He published and consulted extensively on 3D design and a broad range of applications. In recent years he did research related to metal AM, resulting in the world’s first titanium fountain pen printed in 3D. In the Additive Industries team he concentrates on supporting clients designing and engineering for additive manufacturing.'

Rein’s involvement is part-time and SOLide and Pjotr are most definitely continued. SOLide’s focus is on consumer products and customization. Pjotr builds highly exclusive pens with additive manufacturing technology.




Pjotr in Wohlers Report 2013

Pjotr (Piotr or Pyotr) is in Terry Wohlers' Wohlers Report 2013.


Spare part production by LUXeXceL

At home, in the kitchen, above the worktop, the transparent panels of the lighting armatures were cracked, which is normal after 15 years. The panels have prisms from side to side to redirect the light downwards. Replacements are not available. So I put them into VR and asked LUXeXceL to print me the panels. The result is really good.


Pjotr, highly exclusive fountain pens, digitally sculptured and 3D printed

On the home page of this website, for a long time there was a picture of a 3D printed titanium dragon head. This head, 10 mm in length, is part of something else. SOLide is proud to presents the first digitally sculpted, 3D printed, highly exclusive thematic fountain pen in the world. Also the pen case is theme related and 3D printed.


Created wherever needed, modified if better

About a decade ago the U.S. Army introduced the Mobile Parts Hospital (MPH). The name derives from the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) that is well known because of an identically named film and television series. The MPH’s purpose is to create spare parts on-site or to reproduce parts after being adapted to particular local needs. So a copy of a part is created right after the original has failed.



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